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  • Premium Stuffed Dates In San Marcos

    At Molten Dates, our dates are of premium quality, We carry 10 varieties of stuffed dates, filled with different types of roasted nuts or candied fruits. Our dates are sold by the pound or pieces, in luxurious boxes. If you have any queries about our products, or if you want to find out more regarding our business then feel free to contact us at (630)748-9991. Our team is always here to help you with anything regarding our products or store.

  • Our Tasty Maamoul Cookies

    It's hard to imagine anything more delectable than a combination of buttery, sugary shortbread, and flaky, crackly pastry, isn't it? These little buttery sweets have a delicious flavor thanks to the combination of the center contents; the dates and almonds give the pastries a flavor that is sweet and creamy at the same time. Try now and you'll only regret not having had it sooner!

  • Our Staff & Customer Service

    Our team is made up of experienced sales advisers whose main aim is to
    provide the best customer service possible. Our staff can also help you
    to choose the best dates if you are unsure of what you'd like. We serve
    many customers on a daily basis, and a lot of them leave us many
    positive reviews. Our customers mean a lot to us, so there’s nothing
    that makes us happier than seeing smiles on all of your faces.

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